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Get all the answers here about our chocolate fountain rental service.

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strawberry bulletWhat is the price to rent a chocolate fountain?

Lady Belgium offers 2 package types for your to choose from. The All-Inclusive package is a fully-attended rental which includes dippers, chocolate, the fountain, an attendant, plates, skewers, napkins, and dishware. The Caterer's Package is a drop-off of a fountain with chocolate only, which will be attended to and maintained by your caterer. From a small gathering to a large event, we have it covered!

Our packages are priced lower than others, as we work with you and your designated hostess or caterer to handle the dippers.

Please see the Packages page for more details.

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strawberry bulletDo you require reservations and a deposit?

As soon as you know the date of your event you should reserve a chocolate machine. I will hold a tentative reservation for you for 5 days after we initially discuss the rental. A signed, returned rental agreement and a $100 deposit are due at that time to confirm and hold your date. (A $200 deposit is required if you choose the All-Inclusive Package or the Candy Buffet.) After the 5 days, if you have not made a deposit you need to check on availability again. The balance is due in cash at the event. Checks may be accepted if pre-approved by Lady Belgium Chocolate Fountains.

** PLEASE NOTE: For all packages with attendant, deposits must be received at least 2 weeks before the event or a $50 RUSH fee will be applied for expediting chocolate delivery. We use only the finest chocolate from Sephra and need time for it to be ordered & received.**

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strawberry bulletWhat if we want the chocolate fountain longer, or it starts running out of chocolate?

An attended rental can be lengthened at the rate of $30 per half-hour, subject to availability of the attendant. The Caterer's Package may have additional time added at $30 per hour. Additional chocolate can be purchased in 2 pound increments.  Generally, 2 pounds will serve 20 people. Any additional rental time or additional chocolate must be tallied and paid for the same day, at the end of the event.

The Lady Belgium Chocolate Fountains attendant will not add additional chocolate or fountain rental time without the request of the client prior to or at the event.

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strawberry bulletWhat do I need to supply?

Choose the All-Inclusive Package for up to 200 guests, and the only thing you'll need is to make sure your venue reserves a table for the fountain with a table covering! (See table details in list below.)

For the Caterer's Package, you or your cater will need to supply:

Please confirm the table and electric requirements with your venue facility before the event so there is not a delay in the setup of the fountain.

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strawberry bulletWhat does Lady Belgium Chocolate supply?

Wooden skewers are provided. We allow 6 - 8 skewers per person.

If platters and bowls are being rented from Lady Belgium (included in the All-Inclusive Package), we will bring enough to accommodate the variety of dippers we provide. The serving platters and bowls used are clear glass.

You are responsible for providing table linens. Black or white looks elegant, but you may supply a different color, if desired. If needed, you are responsible for providing table skirts.

The Caterer's Package and All-Inclusive Package include your choice of milk, dark, special blend , or white chocolate to fill the fountain. Two types of chocolate are available: Pure Belgium Chocolate or Premium Fondue Chocolate.

Finally, you will have a Lady Belgium Chocolate Fountains Attendant to set up and oversee the fountain (except for the Caterer's Package).

If you've chosen the All-Inclusive package, it includes everything except the table!

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strawberry bulletDo you provide table decor for the chocolate fountain table?

The chocolate fountain is an eye-catching centerpiece. The dipping treats are displayed on attractive platters and in bowls. We will work with your florist if you wish to add an arrangement to the fountain table. We have twinkle lights we can bring to enhance the table if you wish. Please ask for these in advance.

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strawberry bulletWhat does a Lady Belgium Chocolate Fountains Attendant do?

For attended service, she will set up the chocolate fountain, dress the table, and get the chocolate flowing. All platters and bowls will be set out in an attractive display, and the Lady Belgium attendant will arrange the dippers on the platters and in the bowls. Dippers will be replenished as needed.

During the chocolate dipping, the Lady Belgium attendant will oversee the use of the fountain--especially watching for double dippers. Any messy drips will be managed. At the end of our service, the attendant will clean up and tear down the fountain and will clear away any remaining dippers from the platters and bowls.

By working with your hostess or caterer, we are able to reduce the price of our packages and save you money!

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strawberry bulletWhat do you do with any leftover chocolate?

Any leftover chocolate is yours to keep! We supply containers and will ladle out the leftover chocolate for you to take home. This can be reused for baking or dipping small batches of strawberries (or whatever you like!) Simply microwave it without a lid and dip to your heart's desire. The chocolate can be refrigerated or frozen for easy storage. You'll have fun using up the leftover chocolate!

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strawberry bulletIs the chocolate in the chocolate fountain hot?

The chocolate is warm, not hot. Guests may dip and immediately experience the chocolate. The chocolate will not harden on the dippers unless items are put in the refrigerator or freezer.

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strawberry bulletCan the chocolate fountain be set up outdoors?

You'll find that many chocolate fountain providers will refuse to use the fountain outdoors. With Lady Belgium Chocolate Fountains, YES, you can have your chocolate fountain event outdoors. We offer a wind/bug guard*, crafted from clear acrylic to cover the chocolate fountain.

No worries about chocolate blowing on your guests! No worries about bees, gnats, flies, or any other insects getting into the chocolate fountain!

* Additional fee applies of $100 to add the wind/bug guard to your package.

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strawberry bulletWhy shouldn't I just use a store-bought fountain? They're everywhere!

These little machines may be okay for small groups at home...we're talking 10 - 12 people. I have done lots of research on chocolate fountains, and the brand I supply is the best, in my opinion. Made by Sephra, it looks and performs great! Also, store-bought home fountains are meant to be used with chocolate chips, not premium Belgian chocolate. Read on about chocolate, and you'll understand why just plain melted chocolate chips won't do for your special guests!

See the last question for more info on why store-bought fountains are not the same as a Lady Belgium Chocolate Fountain.

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strawberry bulletWhat type of chocolate do you use?

Since I use the Sephra chocolate fountain, I also use their delicious chocolates. Three types of Sephra chocolate are available:

No oil is ever added to the Lady Belgium chocolate fountains! See the next question for more info...

strawberry bulletWhy do store-bought fountains require the addition of oil?

All of the above Sephra chocolate options are specially formulated for use in Sephra chocolate fountains. Other chocolate brands--such as Nestle, Hershey, Godiva and even Ghirardelli--are manufactured to melt at a much higher temperature. They require large quantities of vegetable oil (up to 6 cups) added to the chocolate in order for it to flow properly in a chocolate fountain. Yuck! Adding oil only absorbs the chocolate aroma, dulls the flavor, and adds fat! (This is another reason you'll be disappointed with a store-bought home fountain. Most brands require the addition of oil to the chocolate chips.)

"Mr. Science" explains it this way. The thickness of liquid chocolate is measured in viscosity, on the McMichael Scale. For example, water is a 1 on this scale, other liquids being a number of times the thickness of water. Therefore, if something is 100 Viscosity, it is 100 times thicker than water. Sephra fondue chocolate is produced at around 30 viscosity. Nestle, Hershey and Ghirardelli produce their chips at 100-150 viscosity. No wonder the chips in a chocolate chip cookie retain their shape during baking!

Additionally, some chocolate fountain providers will add oil to stretch the chocolate. Again, rest assured that Lady Belgium Chocolate Fountains never adds oil to the chocolate. Just say NO to added oil!

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Please send us an email or call 513-594-0282 with any other questions you may have. We want you to enjoy your chocolate experience!

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